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How it works

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No minimum investment
You can invest as little or as much as you’d like
No monthly fees
Only pay when you collect a profit
Control your assets
Allocate as you please, reinvest or let it ride
Withdraw anytime
No deposit or withdrawal fees excluding network and exchange fees
Regulate risk
Diversify your portfolio by following multiple traders at the same time
Curated marketplace
We manually review each trader to make sure they reach our high standards... and yours
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Trend Surfers - Break

Trend Surfers - Break

1 year ago
Trade For Impact (btc 1h SPOT ONLY)

Trade For Impact (btc 1h SPOT ONLY)

2 years ago
Btc Scalping

Btc Scalping

8 months ago
Trade For Impact (btc 15m SPOT ONLY)

Trade For Impact (btc 15m SPOT ONLY)

2 years ago
Sabad - Scuba Diver

Sabad - Scuba Diver

1 year ago
Dd Trend

Dd Trend

2 years ago
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Zignaly connects investors with top digital asset managers so that you can share the profits. It's never been easier to invest in Crypto!
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Whether you’re looking for a quick trade or more strategic positioning, Zignaly’s Profit Sharing can help diversify and simplify your Crypto trading experience.
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If you're an experienced trader or group with strong results and want to provide a strategy, reach out to our Support team below.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Profit Sharing?
Zignaly's Profit Sharing allows an investor to put money into a fund with an experienced trader. You'll receive a proportionate amount of the trader's profits. The trader will receive a success fee (the investor only has to pay this predetermined fee if the trader makes money). We endorse traders who have good returns and know how to manage risk. If you want to lead trades, now you can! Invite your friends to join in on your winning strategy and split the profits.
How do I get started?
To get started with Profit Sharing, first you will need to fund your account and then make an allocation into a Profit Sharing strategy:
How is Profit Sharing different from other pools?
Zignaly's Profit Sharing is different from other cryptocurrency liquidity pools because it invests differently and pays out differently. With a traditional pool, you provide liquidity to Asset X by locking up value in Asset Y, earning rewards in the target asset. With Zignaly's Profit Sharing, you are allocating funds for a pro trader to manage. You receive a proportionate piece of the profits based on the size of your initial investment.
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