Zignaly Ambassador Program

The ambassador program is being updated. Keep posted, we'll resume soon.

Zignaly is on a mission to democratize investment opportunities so that anybody and everyone can have equal opportunities around the world. We have been focusing on this mission for over 5 years now, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the support that the community has given to us.

Now it’s time for us to recognize you, to provide you with tools, resources, and incentives to help keep you collaborating with us to achieve this mission.

Ready to join the revolution? 

To help accomplish our mission, we want to onboard a large and diverse group of people, “Zignaly ambassadors,” aligned around achieving this common goal. 

What is Expected of a Zignaly Ambassador?

First, it’s important to understand how Zignaly is trying to achieve this mission. There are different products, like the social investment platform, the vault, the launchpad, the bridge, the raffles, etc. You can specialize in one area, but it’s also beneficial to have a general understanding of all of our activities. 

There are numerous ways to collaborate:

  • Introductions: Do you think that there are synergies between what we do and any other project or person that you know? We’d love to talk to them.
  • Twitter local accounts: Are you a great community manager that can expand our Twitter account to your native language?
  • Translations: We want to reach everybody and everyone around the world, help us to speak their languages.
  • Content Creators: posts, videos, TikToks, Twitter spaces, podcasts, memes…
  • Technical Content creation: focus on helping traders with their day-to-day tasks.
  • Meetups: Organize a meetup in your city, and let people know!
  • Events: Any events in your city? Be there for us!
  • Organize Webinars: This can help people to understand better what we are doing. Maybe focusing on one specific product from the ecosystem or functionality. Share your magic tricks!
  • Trader introductions: Traders, farmers, and money managers who are willing to provide reliable strategies to others.
  • Be active and post/comment/share on our social networks: Twitter, Discord, Reddit, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp groups, Telegram groups, Quora…
  • Developer Relations: Zignaly plans to go open-source and attracts passionate developers who want to contribute.

If you think that you can contribute in other areas that aren’t included above, and you think it will make an impact, feel free to reach out and tell us more.

What can you expect from our collaboration?

As part of our ambassador program, you’ll have direct contact with the Zignaly Core Team, who will share with you a range of news & information in advance, so you can be prepared for answering questions and spreading the word. And even more important, providing feedback about them, both directly to the Core Team before the news is public as well as helping to educate and support the information to the community. You will also be able to ask us direct questions or provide feedback firsthand.

Such supporting, helpful community actions from your side will be also recognized and supported by us, across our different channels. And we are here to help, whether it’s content creation in your native language, specific information or detail needed or other ways that we can support you, we can help to translate to other languages and provide a range of help & support for your content.

Zignaly merchandise: Wouldn’t it be cool to wear your Zignaly hoodie or cap at the next event?

The top, most helpful ambassadors will be promoted by Zignaly and will have the opportunity to take on more and more responsibility.

We know that your passion goes beyond just money, but still, we think we should reward your commitment and give you some extra motivation. There will be a reward in the form of a stablecoin based on your contribution.
Join our social investment revolution here, we will contact you to have a chat and give more details about the program.