CQS Scalping Free

Free signals for scalping on Binance on bases BTC or ETH.

These signals are part of a scalping trading strategy. For them to be effective, you should follow the instructions below as precisely as possible.

Our scalping signals are meant to close fast (up to three days, in average) with up to 1.5% profit. Some of them might go down before getting to profit and some may exceed the three day period.

We don’t recommend using stop loss with these signals, since any stop loss will harm profit from the successful trades. However, we recomend you to use DCA to average down the buy price when the trades go down.

On Zignaly, you should create at least two DCA levels, at -2.5% doubling your position (100%) . You can create additional levels if you want or adjust the levels as you wish.

For trades that go deep down (below 5%) after two DCA levels, you may choose between selling in loss (not recommended) or just hold them until they get recovered. Patience is important, specially in bearish market.

You can enable sell signals for this strategy, you can use targets from the signal (normally at 1.5% profit) or you can sell in your profit target (up to 1.5%). Use Trailing Take Profit is optional and not recommended, but it may give you good results sometimes.