Apex Token Fund
Founded: 2018


Apex Token Fund

Apex Token Fund is a blockchain-powered exchange platform intended to move control of data and value to its users while also improving data quality, marketing effectiveness, and customer loyalty.

At the present time, information is often lifted from web users without their knowledge or consent. Although data permissions and security have improved in some areas, there are still a lot of Internet users and online consumers who don’t know how much of their data is being accessed and used by organizations without their knowledge. It’s also true that many aren’t aware of exactly who is tracking their behaviors and why. 

Many people have come to expect that social media giants and large corporations will be using our data in return for their ‘free’ services though. They collect it so that they can monetize it and use it for marketing purposes, but quite often it’s difficult to get enough data because just a few organizations control much of the information. That’s why Apex token fund was created. The idea is to move control of data back into consumers’ hands and give it integrity by offering total transparency. Apex token fund ensures data use will be subject to mutual agreements, so perhaps the decentralized nature of Apex token fund can provide something of mutual benefit for consumers and enterprises.