Founded: 2014


Bitspread hails from London, England and is a high growth blockchain company. Bitspread’s innovative quantitative trading software connects to digital exchanges, giving investment managers risk management and training functionality, right at their fingertips. The company is a forerunner in the quantitative research of blockchain assets, and if you’d like some evidence of that, it’s managed 102% ROI since opening its doors for business.

As you might expect, Bitspread is staffed by finance and blockchain industry professionals who offer cutting-edge trading techniques designed to offer improved returns. Bitspread has been able to offer stable audited returns since its founding, and that success has led it to expand to both New York and Singapore.

The real key to producing better returns for its clients has been its intelligent trading software. This technology connects a number of Digital FX Exchange investors. Bitspread offers an Alpha Volatile Technique for delivering excellent returns and successfully navigating volatile periods, mitigating depreciation on all of its blockchain assets.

Through Bitspread, investment managers have access to effective tools for managing investments safely and effectively. It’s proved to be a dependable company that looks destined to enjoy even greater success in the years to come.