Founded: 2001


Coincapital is an investment company that focuses on offering great returns via investment in cryptocurrencies and blockchain start-ups. It does this by investing in ICOs and it does so with the promise of great returns. Coincapital has entered the crypto market with the express purpose of making better returns for their investors.

The company is comfortable with using high-technology strategies to help them look after hedge funds efficiently and also make sure that their clients’ investment capital is always secure.

Coincapital’s founders are all sales, finance, and marketing professionals. Their mission with coin capital is to help bring business out of the industrial age of central systems and into the digital age of decentralized systems. Coincapital is certain that blockchain technology will open up competition in areas where innovation has been absent for decades.

Institutional investors, individuals, and blockchain start-ups all welcome to use the company. Coincapital believes that they can leverage their expertise to earn profit for any size of fund, large or small. Naturally it’s hard to know which ICO project will be successful, but so far, this one shows positive signs and may be exactly what you’re looking for.