Digital Currency Group
Founded: 2015


Digital Currency Group

Digital Currency Group has been investing in quite a wide variety of crypto-type projects since its inception in 2015. The total is something like 130 to date, with a value of around three and a quarter million dollars distributed to them in seed rounds so far. Digital Currency Group was created by Barry Silbert who has also invested in the likes of Bitpay, Ripple and Coinbase. It’s hardly a shock that it’s funded big names. The company has invested so widely since its inception in 2015 that it was almost guaranteed to provide a leg up to a who's who of crypto innovators, including Circle, Chainalysis, Blockchain, Shapeshift, Parity, Ledger, Luno, Kraken, Korbit, and eToro.

Grayscale is a company that’s involved in direct crypto and digital asset investment, and it’s also a firm that’s under the wing of Digital Currency Group. Grayscale counts DCG as a benefactor. Its second quarter financial report for 2019 revealed that the company had an impressive $2.7 billion worth of assets under management. An outstanding figure, but one that’s a little deceptive. The market is prone to so much volatility that this number is three times greater than it was during the first quarter of 2019, simply because Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust tripled in value over the course of those 12 months.

Aside from growth, the latest report from Grayscale also reveals that crypto’s original mission statement – to function as a decentralized platform free that isn’t controlled by any one entity – has been seriously dented of late. Since July 2018, institutional investors have made up 84% of Grayscale’s clients, proving that big business never misses a trick, especially not when there’s big money to be made.