Our CryptoTrader review covers all the key elements of this online auto-trading platform. What features does it offer? How easy is it to use? Find out here!

  1. CryptoTrader: What it is and How it Works
  2. How Easy is CryptoTrader to Use?
  3. How Safe is CryptoTrader to Use?
  4. How Much Does CryptoTrader Cost?
  5. What Support Channels are Available?

As the cryptocurrency market continues to become more stable, traders can take advantage of the latest technology to help them invest in the right coins for their budget and goals.

The cryptocurrency market’s capitalization exceeded $237bn in 2019, a massive increase from just $128bn the previous year. Cryptocurrency’s ongoing success and the technology powering the market continue to attract newcomers looking to invest in one or more digital coins.

However, while said tech is generally efficient and user-friendly, the human element could be considered the weakest link in the chain to success, holding investors back from making the most of the opportunities available. People investing in cryptocurrencies can struggle to stay up to date with the fast-moving data that’s so important to investing funds wisely.

Also, investors are unable to keep trading 24 hours a day, seven days a week — we all need to sleep, eat, and get away from staring at our computer screens for a while. And as the market operates non-stop, you could miss out on fantastic chances to make a profit.

Fortunately, the latest cryptocurrency trading bots are designed to help investors take full advantage of the potential offered by the market. These computer programs can connect to traders’ exchange accounts and conduct trades for them, using a range of signals and indicators (indices, moving averages, etc.).

And one of the most popular cryptocurrency trading bots is CryptoTrader. Why is it worth your time and money?

You can learn more about this cutting-edge solution below, in our CryptoTrader review.

CryptoTrader: What it is and How it Works

CryptoTrader is an auto-trading platform for cryptocurrency traders, based entirely in the cloud. That enables users to access the services at any place, any time, provided they have an internet connection. There’s no need for specific hardware.

Anyone considering using this cryptocurrency trading bot is required to sign up via the website, through a fairly simple process. You can log into your account with a username and password, and once you’ve done this, you can choose which plan you want to sign up to. You’ll be able to start implementing those strategies that suit your trading goals best and orient your bot before you actually put it to use.

CryptoTrader includes a number of key features:

CryptoTrader is based in the cloud: As the whole of this cryptocurrency bot is cloud-based, it undertakes online operations only. There’s no need to invest in expensive hardware or software to utilize the bot — just an internet connection and a web browser.

Multi-exchange support: As CryptoTrader includes a number of exchanges on its control panel, you can connect multiple accounts and allow the bot to take responsibility for the trading itself.

Live trades: CryptoTrader’s servers offer fast operation, imposing no lags or delays. Another key benefit is that this bot can detect price changes instantly, with impressive accuracy.

Take advantage of backtesting: With CryptoTrader, you can utilize backtesting to identify the right strategies for you before you take them live, running any strategy that appeals to you with previous market conditions in effect.

How Easy is CryptoTrader to Use?

CryptoTraders’ users have a chance to buy strategies provided by others. This eliminates the need for experience of trading cryptocurrencies or programming.

As a new user, you can just choose to use one of the most popular trading strategies and learn to customize your cryptocurrency trading bot as you go. Free strategies are available for newcomers, too, ideal for teaching you about backtesting and its benefits.

Anyone dipping their toes into the cryptocurrency waters for the first time can familiarize themselves with the trading process via trial processes before switching to live crypto trading. The intuitive interface makes the platform easy to use, too.

How Safe is CryptoTrader to Use?

CryptoTrader is very safe to use. Why? For starters, it has no access to your funds and you’re not required to transfer your money via CryptoTrader at all.

CryptoTrader functions on an API integration which enables it to conduct trades on any supported exchange, which actually generate the API keys. These provide the trading bots with access to user accounts, and they can perform trades without gaining withdrawal rights.

As a result, if a security breach strikes, any malicious users would be unable to access your money. Emails, personal details, and other data types are protected at all times.

How Much Does CryptoTrader Cost?

No CryptoTrader review would be complete without a pricing breakdown, so let’s look at the five available plans:

Basic+: from 0.0018 BTC per month

Regular: from 0.0025 BTC per month

Pro: from 0.0047 BTC per month

VIP: from 0.0088 BTC per month

Premium: from 0.0221 BTC per month

What Support Channels are Available?

CryptoTrader’s users can access support through the ‘contact’ section on the homepage, while the team is available through Twitter too. Forums for discussion also operate on Bitcointalk and Reddit.