In this comprehensive Trademate review, we explore all the essentials you need to know before you start using the Trademate cryptocurrency trading bot.

  1. Trademate: What it is and How it Works
  2. How Easy is Trademate to Use?
  3. How Safe is Trademate to Use?
  4. How Much Does Trademate Cost?
  5. What Support Channels are Available?

Cryptocurrency trading bots bring investors a quicker, simpler way to take advantage of the countless opportunities available on the market. By utilizing this software, you can trade round the clock without worrying about missing valuable chances when you have to sleep, eat, etc.

Using cryptocurrency trading bots that react to market conditions with remarkable speed enables you to convert cryptos’ highly-fluctuating prices into successes. They also facilitate trading in a disciplined way, without the worry of your judgment becoming clouded by emotion or fatigue.

An automated trading platform such as Trademate encourages users to partake in teamwork, courtesy of social trading. Let’s take a closer look at this platform in our Trademate review.

Trademate: What it is and How it Works

Trademate is a distinctive platform offering advanced functionality for trading on the likes of Poloniex, Binance, and BitMEX. As an investor, you can also take advantage of the platform to see which other traders are the best to follow, and gain profits by executing wise trades.

On the other hand, if you feel confident in your experience and knowledge, you can start earning money from both by becoming a Pro Trader. Trademate offers such features as Task Editing, Averaging, and TradingView.

Some of Trademate’s top features are:

Tradingview: Tradingview is integrated completely with Trademate, and you can utilize these charts to undertake various trades. You can set take profit and stop-loss levels on these charts, with access to average order prices. Lines, indicators, and settings can all be saved, too.

Copy trading: With copy trading, you can follow reputable analysts’ signals quickly and easily, thanks to Trademate’s cutting-edge trading ecosystem. In-depth statistics help you pick the best channels, and you can set up automatic order creation based on those signals.

Smart trade: With the Tradingview charts, you can create take profit and stop-loss easily. This feature eliminates the risk of assets being frozen by limited deals, too, while offering a convenient way to strategize your income and mitigate risks.

Averaging: With Averaging, you can boost your ability to survive in an unpredictable trading market. Also, you can undertake averaging with the Tradingview charts and the average order price calculated based on your orders. It’s a powerful tool for navigating a market with high volatility.

Editing tasks: Situations can change quickly when trading. If something goes wrong when you’ve put a strategy for a specific currency pair in place, you can adjust the active task and related actions to boost your profit. As a result, this may be a great alternative to panic buttons.

Automation of the dashboard: Trademate’s dashboard displays the current stats and condition of your overall actions. You can use this tool to personalize your dashboard and monitor your trading stats on-screen, with in-depth statistics on specific filters. You’ll be able to stay up to date on your trades across multiple exchange accounts.

How Easy is Trademate to Use?

Trademate is designed to be user-friendly for all users, including beginners. The key features are easy to find, so you’re unlikely to miss them. Tutorial videos and a screencast section are included, too, providing a wealth of information to help you get used to the platform.

How Safe is Trademate to Use?

Trademate is clearly committed to delivering a secure service, implementing essential measures to protect user accounts and details. The platform has no access to user funds on the exchange, and it utilizes API to gain restricted access to accounts when performing trades only.

Trademate stores the API user keys on secure servers, and users need two-factor authentication (AKA 2FA) by email or phone to maintain account security. The platform’s HTTPS encryption adds to its security credentials, too.

How Much Does Trademate Cost?

Trademate charges users $39 per month, which includes Smart Manual Trading and Automated Trading. There’s a 10 percent commission for deals which bring a profit, and a seven-day free trial is available.

What Support Channels are Available?

Trademate provides a physical address, through which users can contact the support team. A number of main team-members’ details are included, too, if you have a question. Trademate also maintains a social forum (Medium) for connecting to users.