TradeSanta has been around since 2018, although it wasn’t used by the public until 2019. Since its introduction last year, the platform has become popular with crypto traders and investors.

The platform offers automated trading for its clients. You won’t have to watch the markets and spot trends with you use TradeSanta. It is a good platform for day traders who don’t want to be stuck on their terminal all day long.

Basically, TradeSanta will automate trades that take advantage of market trends. Traders will benefit when the bot is able to identify a trend and trade it with their tokens. This saves loads of time and also lets traders have more freedom in their lives.

TradeSanta allows traders to work with a platform that they trust 100%. It will work with some of the most popular crypto exchanges in the world.

The platform is based in the cloud, so traders don’t have to worry about their connection to the internet. A cloud-based platform also lets traders use the platform without any kind of program on their computer, which is a nice feature.

What are People Saying About TradeSanta?

TradeSanta has gained its reputation in the crypto space in the recent past.

Like most trading bots, it is pretty new and doesn’t have decades of performance to use as a basis for building trust. It has been a favorite of traders who are transitioning from traditional markets into cryptos and don’t want to spend extra time watching numerous tokens and markets.

While there isn’t loads of data to demonstrate that the platform is going to deliver consistent returns, many traders are embracing the platform. It has useful features that let a trader walk away from the markets with the knowledge that they won’t miss many trading opportunities.

The platform has an interface that is a good fit for new traders, or professionals that are more used to trading in the established markets.

As it is website based, it will look good on just about any computer platform, even if the machine isn’t the latest and greatest. It also delivers tools that many crypto exchanges lack, which professionals will appreciate. 

The Exchange Equation

As a cloud-based platform, TradeSanta is able to connect directly with exchanges and isn’t going to bother if your machine is having internet issues.

For the moment, TradeSanta’s platform works with Bittrex, HitBTC, Binance, and Bitfinex, but it may add more exchanges at any time. Regardless, these are some of the most popular exchanges out there and offer you many ways to trade cryptos.

In the future, TradeSanta is planning to add Huobi, OKEX, and BitMEX to its list of supported platforms. The bot is well placed to serve the needs of most traders, and allow them to move over to a more automated trading strategy.

What Does TradeSanta Cost?

TradeSanta has a few pricing levels for you to choose from. The free plan will allow you to work with most of the features in a limited sense, and as you pay more, you will gain a lot more functionality.

Here is a short rundown of what each plan will offer you:

-Free – TradeSanta will give you 5 bots that can trade in unlimited token pairs for zero cost. Of course, the token pairs that can be traded will be determined by the exchange. You will be able to use all the strategies that the platform offers, and also delivers notifications via Telegram. This package will give you access to general support, but you won’t get a dedicated support manager.

-Basic – For $15 USD per month, your number of bots will jump to 49, and the rest of the features are basically the same as the free offering. This is a good plan for anyone that wants to boost the number of bots and doesn’t need dedicated support.

-Maximum – If you want to pay $100 USD per month, you will get a lot more from TradeSanta. You will be able to use as many bots as you like, and will also have a dedicated support manager to help you with any issues you encounter on a daily basis. It might seem a little more expensive, but larger traders could use this level of market engagement to make profits.

As an additional bonus, whenever someone signs up for a new account with TradeSanta, they can use the Basic plan for 14 days at no cost. This is a great way to see if you need 49 bots, or if the 5 included in the free plan will be enough.

It isn’t hard to see that TradeSanta is geared to appeal to two distinct markets. People are likely to use to platform for free, and do some small-scale trading, or sign up for the most capable plan, and use the platform for commercial trading operation.

Overall, it is great that TradeSanta will allow people to sign up for an account, and use its tools for free. Anyone that wants to upgrade can do so easily, and push the platform as hard as they want on some of the largest crypto exchanges in the world.

Using the Platform

TradeSanta has designed a cloud-based crypto trading platform that will make established traders feel at home in a new market. Its interface looks a lot like established trading platforms, and that may be a big benefit to professionals that are starting to work with cryptos.

The numerous features and tools that TradeSanta has created are easy to find in its UI, and it won’t take long to start putting the platform into action. Anyone who has used existing professional trading interfaces should be able to get up and running with TradeSanta in less than a day.

Making the Platform Work for You

The automated trading strategies that TradeSanta employs should be easy to recognize for anyone who has experience in the markets. There are tutorials available, and you can also do some research to better understand why these strategies are used.

If you don’t have much experience trading, TradeSanta has your back. You can use its extensive library of educational material to understand how the bots work and learn all the professional terms that are used in the financial markets.

Here are some of the strategies and tools that TradeSanta includes in all its plans:

  • -Technical Metrics, Bollinger Bands, Volume Filters, and more
  • Short and Long order types, designed to make money no matter the direction of the market
  • Advanced orders, stop-loss and take profit, these ensure you can keep your capital safe
  • Presets, use these templates as-is or change them to your personal preferences

As far as bots go, TradeSanta has a lot of features that can make your trading life a lot easier. It doesn’t matter if you have loads of experience, or if you are just starting out, you will be able to use the platform. There are loads of educational tools, and the UI is going to be simple for professionals to understand.

Safety with TradeSanta

Like most bots (you should trust) TradeSanta uses APIs to connect with your exchanges. The platform can’t withdraw funds and is only authorized to trade your funds on your orders. TradeSanta recommends that you only use restricted APIs that allow limited access, to up the level of security.

There is little chance of TradeSanta taking your tokens, as it would not have the correct API access to move funds out of the exchange. It is a very bad idea to give any platform the ability to withdraw funds with an API key, and this is a red flag for any platform.

The platform also uses two-factor authentication (2FA) to make your account on TradeSanta even more secure, and anyone who wants to gain access to your account will need both the password and the 2FA key. Overall, this is a very secure system and is certainly in-line with the rest of the bots on the market.

Does TradeSanta Make Money?

As with anything in the financial markets, there is no guarantee of making money with TradeSanta. The platform simply shows its users how the tools can be used in the markets, and why they have the potential to create profits.

One of the biggest things to keep in mind is that TradeSanta is a time-saving tool that makes trading a lot easier. The platform is fully transparent, and users can modify the trading programs to their own views on what may work in the markets.

If you are trading in the crypto markets on a daily basis, you understand how much time and energy it takes. TradeSanta can free you up for other things, like being with people you like or relaxing. Make sure you understand what TradeSanta actually does, and you should be happy with the results!