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Awesome Signals

Awesome Signals is a proprietary trading technology stack that analyses hundreds of different TA strategies per coin and sends BUY signals when an opportunity is met.

Our signals are for a scalping style strategy and are manually monitored daily and the control panel tweaked to send optimal signals as often as possible. The nature of markets does mean that there will be times when more signals are sent than others.

Recommended settings:

  • Position size: 0.0015 BTC and increase if required. Note that 3 levels of DCA could increase this to 0.012.
  • Buy price deviation: 0.05%. We send a buy price with our signal and it is when an uptrend is detected. Setting this too high you will miss the ride up.
  • Buy order expiration: 3 min. This should be low, again due to the uptrend detection.
  • Time based autoclose: At your discretion. We internally measure our metrics as a 1%+ rise within 24 hours.
  • Stop Loss: At your discretion. We internally fail our signals for our metrics if a stoploss of -8% is hit.
  • Trailing Stop: Trigger: 0.85% Distance 0.25%
  • Take Profit: 2% at your discretion. We personally rely on the trailing stop
  • DCA: At your discretion
    • Target 1: -2% Qty: 100%
    • Target 2: -3% Qty: 100%
    • Target 3: -5% Qty: 100%
  • Max concurrent positions: 10. We advice to keep an eye on this if there are bags building up.
  • Minimum Volume: OFF. We have a minimum volume in our algorithm. That being said, low volume coin signals maybe sent so you can override our setting by setting your own minimum volume here.
  • Limit positions per market: 1

The use of BNB coins to pay trading fees on Binance is recommended.

Health warning

Our signals are not meant to be professional investment advice and are to be used at your own risk. Cryptocurrency investment is high market risk. Awesome Signals is not responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential losses as a result of the use of our trading signals. The signals should be used in combination with your own risk strategies and decisions.

For support, ask in the Discord channel or directly to @mehtadone#0001. For news and updates, remember to subscribe to our newsletter on our website.

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