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Entrix signals focus on quick wins, detecting up trends, waves and volume changes. We only send buy signals, no sell signals or targets will be generated so it's up to you to manage your selling strategy.

Since we send multiple buy signals for the same pairs in a short amount of time, we recommend using the Limit Positions per Market option in your Zignaly settings if you prefer not to open multiple positions for the same pair. The use of BNB coins to pay trading fees on Binance is recommended.

Other recommended settings:

  • Set a take profit 1% (although we can't guarentee it, most of our signals reach that target under a week, often under 24 hours).
  • Don't use Stop loss (since we often generate signals in waves, profit can go down before reaching target).
  • Set a Buy Order Expiration under 10 minutes.
  • Use Time Based Autoclose to sell open positions that don't reach the targets under 10 to 15 days (that way, you free up some liquidity to take in more signals).

Start trading with 0.0015 BTC and increase after studying the signals.

We now deserve every base pairs offered by Zignaly.

We reserve the right to change the monthly fee at any time without prior notice. Please understand that those signals are not ment to be professional investment advices and must be used at your own risks. Cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market risk. Entrix Signals is not responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential losses as a result of the use of our trading signals. Please make your investments with caution.

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