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$20 /mo(3-Day Trial)



Palm Beach Signals

PALM BEACH SIGNALS has a strategy with a fall (by 5-10% of their normal price) in buying and selling a little more (2-5%). We work on the Binance exchange and trade with BTC pair only. In the signals, we set up to 4 targets and stop on the basis of our statistics. Every day we post about 10-12 signals.


You can buy subscription here with "Checkout using Coinpayments" button on right side or in our Telegram bot: After payment you must enter command "/zignaly" for get activate code for access to our signals in Zignaly and enter this code in "Your API-Key from the provider" field. You have to understand that you buy access only for our signals, you have to pay separately for using Zignaly service.

Recommended settings

  • Accept Stop Loss Value From Signal? Yes
  • Accept Take Profits Values From Signal? Yes, All targets
  • BTC Position Size? From 17% up to 25%
  • BNB Position Size? 1#
  • Trailing Stop? Yes, Trigger 1.2%, Distance: -1%
  • Limit Position per Market? Yes, 2

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