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Seaquake USDT Signals

Seaquake is rooted in finance and technology, with a combined 70+ years experience in hedge funds, banking, and technology. The team has cumulatively traded in FX, Futures, Equity markets with over $2B in trading volume. Seaquake delivers institutional-grade services in the digital asset space.

Seaquake’s objective is to maximize long-term absolute returns, in a variable market and economic conditions, while emphasizing preservation of capital.

Seaquake’s quantitative models continuously undergo performance forecasts utilizing a combination of data and various market volatility scenarios to cater to varying client risk profiles.

We use a stablecoin base pair for automatic trading, as we believe the volatility of BTC/ETH leaves you susceptible to systemic/market risk and price exposure.

Our Mission is to bring institutional-grade, hedge fund style quantitative models to the Retail Signal space of Digital Assets.

Athena, our flagship system, continuously analyses portfolio performance in order to determine acceptable levels of risk and achievable profit targets.

The use of BNB coins to pay discounted trading fees on Binance is recommended.

Athena USDT Signal Provider

14 Day Free Trial
Risk Level: Medium
The Sensible Butler

USDT based pairs. Seaquakes utilizes automated price-pattern recognition algorithms that determine un-organic market downtrend and the strength and opportunity of the downtrend; analyse the downtrend then waits for confirmation of short-term stability; looks for price and volume confirmation of an organic uptrend, at which point this system will dynamically enter a position based on tick and volume confirmation system.

To use Athena’s Signals, it is suggested to have a minimum of $50 for this single service

Athena Settings:

  • Accept Sell Signals: TRUE
  • Use from 12.5% to 25% of capital for a single position
  • Buy order expiration: 10 min
  • Max concurrent positions: 4
  • Limit Positions per Market: 1
  • Minimum Trade: 12.5 USDT

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