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Wavetrend Signals

Wavetrend Signals sends buy signals for a scalping strategy based on the Wavetrend Oscillator. It only sends buy signals, the rest of the strategy is managed by your Zignaly settings.

Please visit our channel in the Zignaly Discord for updated settings and results.

Recommended settings:

  • Base Currencies: BTC, since we only generate BTC signals.
  • Position size: Total Balance / 300(This allows you to have 75 positions open and support 2 DCA levels, unless you are using multiple providers)
  • Buy Price Deviation: 0.5%
  • Buy Order Expiration: 5 min
  • Stop Loss: -5%
  • Take Profit: 1% - Check the 'Accept take profit targets' checkbox on the previous page to receive take profit targets with every order.
  • DCA Targets: -2% / 100% + -3% / 100%
  • Max Concurrent Positions: 75
  • Minimum Volume: disabled
  • Limit Positions per Market: 2

A few things to keep in mind when using this strategy:

  • This strategy does not focus on big trades with big profits, but on a lot of small trades.
  • There will be around 100 signals/day (depending on the market).
  • This strategy uses stoploss to minimize the losses, you will have some losing trades. don't panic when this happens, it's a good thing :)

What results can you expect:

  • With the above settings we have around 10% profit/month on our total balance. offcourse this depends on the market, so we can't promise you anything.

Pro Tip:

  • Change your position size regularly. If your total balance grows, you can increase your position size to reinvest your profits. This is called compounding, and compounding is like magic :)

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