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Working for Binance

Operating directly on the exchange side through a secure API connection without withdrawal privileges

More coming...

Open positions from TradingView

Are you a TradingView fan? Integrate Zignaly with TradingView and open positions automatically based on your rules or indicators.

Other signal providers

We are integrated with Mining Hamsters signals. You'll be able to open positions automatically from their signals. More coming soon.

Highlighted features

No pairs limit

As differentiation with some of our competitors, you don't need to worry about pairs limit. operate with as many pairs as you want.

Edit positions

Do you want to edit some specific positions? No problem, with Zignaly you can edit all your close values like Stop Loss or Trailing.

Trailing Stop

As you may know Trailing Stops are an awesome way to maximize your earnings. Use Trailing Stops to get the most of each position.

The Team

Bart R. Bordallo

Co-Founder and CEO

David Rodríguez

Co-Founder and CMO

Martin Leclair


Formerly Co-founder and President of Products at iWeb, Inc.

Ryan J. Negri


CEO of Laicos; Founder, Advisor, Mentor & Angel Investor.


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