Trality is a platform enabling crypto traders to develop their own bots, using a variety of features. Find out everything you need to know in this review.

Trality is a cryptocurrency trading bot platform. This provides users with a variety of tools for developing their own unique trading bots, as opposed to relying on premade bots that are readily available elsewhere.

Users can perform backtesting and live-trading with their custom strategies, whether they’re total beginners or more experienced crypto traders.

In this Trality review, we’ll explore its range of features, its security, and more.


One of Traility’s most well-known features is the Code Editor. This is purported to be the first browser-based Python Bot Code Editor.

Users with experience of Python may utilize their coding capabilities and create complex strategies in a somewhat minimal tool. The Code Editor also has a debugger, with a number of popular libraries (such as Tulip, NumPy, Pandas, and more). Bot templates may be used as a basis for users’ future trading bots too.

The Rule Builder is another of Trality’s core features. This utilizes a drag-and-drop interface for users who may lack coding skills, and facilitates the development of bots using boolean logic. Trading logics are made by positioning indicators and strategies in their proper order. Predefined strategies are included, for customization in the future.

A trader looking to create their own crypto bots can leverage Trality’s backtesting, with historical data available. Users may choose from multiple scenarios and custom timeframes for testing algorithms.

As the backtest history is recorded, users may change back to the settings that generate most profit as required. Algorithms may be used in paper trading for forward testing before they’re put into action in live-trades.

After a bot has been made and tested, it can be deployed for live-trading on a range of cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, and Bitpanda.

Trality allows bots to be built, backtested, and deployed via a single interface. It’s based completely in the cloud, so users don’t need to download extra instalments or manage a server themselves. Live-trading may be conducted on a 24/7 basis.

How Does it Work?

Traders can register with Trality by signing up on the site and verifying their identity through a standard confirmation email. Trality introduces newcomers to the process of creating custom bots with several tutorials, with resources on the Code Editor and Rule Builder.

A user can connect exchange accounts in the settings menu, and the relevant API keys will be necessary for live-trading. A bot’s performance is based on numerous factors, such as trading amounts and market conditions. The configuration, though, is crucial. That means strategies must be created with care and informed by research.

The platform is designed to accommodate a diverse user base, from those with hands-on experience of Python to traders who may have no idea how bots work. Help pages and documentation are available for guidance through the early stages.


Trality has no direct access to user funds: bots send trading signals to those exchanges they’re allowed to. API keys connections will intentionally fail if withdrawal rights become enabled. User algorithms and strategies are encrypted end-to-end to prevent unauthorized access.

How Much Does it Cost?

Trality provides users with multiple plans.

The Pawn option is free. This offers a trading volume of €5,000, a 60m smallest tick interval, one live bot, and one virtual bot. Log retention is one week and backtests are unlimited.

The Knight plan is €9.99. This includes €25,000 trading volume, 60m smallest tick interval, two live bots, two virtual bots, and one-month log retention. Backtests are unlimited.

The Rook plan costs €39.99 and offers a €250,000 trading volume. The smallest tick interval is 5m, five live bots and five virtual bots are available, and the log retention is six months. Backtests are unlimited.

Finally, the Queen plan costs €59.99 and offers an unlimited trading volume. The smallest tick interval is 1m. 10 live bots and 10 virtual bots are available. Log retention and backtests are unlimited.