Wealth Square is a robo-advisor designed to help crypto traders manage their funds better. We explore its features, cost, and other key factors in our review.

  1. Features
  2. How Does it Work?
  3. Security
  4. How Much Does it Cost?

Beginners may find money management one of the more difficult aspects of crypto trading. Once profits start rolling in, novices may give in to the temptation to spend their earnings and neglect to save much (or any) for the future.

Various tools for managing fiat money have been available for a long time, but cryptocurrency traders may have found themselves without a quality service for being responsible with their digital funds. Yes, there are crypto bots, exchanges, and wallets — but these function independently.

Wealth Square is a trading platform, wallet, and exchange in a centralized product. This robo-advisor is designed to help crypto traders manage their money, their portfolio, withdrawals, and more.

In this review, we’ll explore how Wealth Square works, how much it costs, and other key factors.


Traders using Wealth Square may feel unsure about creating their own custom portfolio when they first register. If so, they can use a portfolio created by a trading expert instead.

They will be able to check the risks involved, the coins available, planned yearly profit, and backtest it to understand how profitable it has been in the past.

Another feature of Wealth Square is the Goals section. Users may choose from a number of objectives they wish to achieve over time, such as vacation, wedding, vehicle, cash, house, education, and more.

Goals can be made tangible by adding an image, deposit amounts, target amount, and a time period.

Traders can also add investments from cryptocurrency exchanges to track their financial obligations in one platform.

How Does it Work?

Users will be prompted to set up their portfolio once they have created an account. The registration process requires personal details and a standard email confirmation.

The portfolio configuration consists of multiple steps. Traders will be required to name it, choose the amount they want to spend, select the cryptos they plan to invest in, and view the coin’s prior performance to ensure they want to continue with their selection.

Users can also define their investment percentage for all the coins they invest in, set rebalancing (period or threshold), and backtest the portfolio to assess their earning potential.

When adding investments from crypto exchanges, users will need to enter their API key and Secret Key.


Wealth Square utilizes multiple security layers in all system components. Its encryption has an A+ rating from Qualys SSL Labs.

How Much Does it Cost?

At the time of writing, Wealth Square offers a free plan with Wealth Square Plus labeled as “coming soon”.

Wealth Square Basic allows traders to create their own portfolio, use expert portfolios, access a dedicated crypto advisor, utilize a savings planner, view their total net worth, add fiat or crypto investments, and get up to 3% interest on savings.

The Wealth Square Plus plan is projected to offer lending, borrowing, buy/sell signals, and up to 5% interest on savings.