Finally, Copy Trading for crypto

Copy expert traders activity automatically on your account
100% Hands-off! No settings, No hassle.


How it works

It's always proportional. Once you set your desired total balance the platform will replicate the trading activity proportionally than the trader you are copying, so the results will be proportional too.

It's difficult to enable? Not at all

As simple as click a button and set your desired investment amount!

1) Connect Exchange

Connect your Zignaly account with your exchange using the secure API/Secret keys.

2) Select a trader

No settings needed, no position edits, all is 100% managed by the trader you're copying.

3) Set max funds

Just set the funds you want to invest in total, and it will use them proportionally.

A "keep it simple" vision endorsed by numbers

Since launched as closed beta in Mid-2018, our numbers talk by themselves (Jan 1st 2019)

Created Positions

During March 2019

BTC Balance

Among all our users @ April 1st, 2019

Total Trading Volume

(Millions USD) Last 30 days

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