Automate your Passive Income
with Profit Sharing

The only service like it currently on the market, our performance-based profit sharing pools enable you
to let your investments work for you, generating a passive income with no intervention required.



Completely automate your investments, and grow your portfolio by investing in the same trades as your chosen trader,
while paying a percentage as a success fee only upon making a profit.

Setting Up Profit Sharing

Zignaly makes Profit Sharing as simple as clicking a button

1) Create Account

Create a secure Zignaly Exchange account

2) Choose your Trader

No settings to edit, just choose based on
the performance you desire to achieve

3) Delegate your investment

Assign an investment amount and the system will trade proportionately

Results from Zignaly's Profit Sharing

Completely automated and safe delegation of funds
enable you to generate profits with no human intervention

A "keep it simple" vision endorsed by numbers

Trusted by over 50,000 users, and growing every day

Created Positions

(Million) as of March, 2021

Linked Balance

(Million USD) as of March, 2021

Total Trading Volume

(Billions USD) as of March 2021

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