Zenbot Trading Bot: Bringing The Power of Artificial Intelligence to Bitcoin Traders.

Zenbot trading bot could be just what bitcoin traders have been looking for, able to take high-frequency trading in its stride while handling numerous assets.


Zenbot Trading bot is a bitcoin trading bot that is compatible with all the leading operating systems. It’s open-source, which gives you the flexibility to modify it to better fit your needs as a trader. 


Artificial Intelligence: the Zenbot bot is lightweight and backed by the power of AI.

Unlike quite a lot of other solutions, it’s quite happy to handle numerous assets while executing high-frequency trading at the same time.


All the main Bitcoin exchanges support Zenbot:

  • Bittrex

  • Poloniex

  • Gemini

  • GDAX

  • Quadriga

  • Pricing for Zenbot

  • Zenbot Free

The good and the bad



  • Great for high-frequency trading

  • Simultaneous multiple asset trading is no problem

  • No user interface 

  • Technical skills required to use it